SOS was founded in 1993 by Mark Simon, who had over forty years of experience in the water and wastewater industry.  We are a contract operations and maintenance company with nearly 150 clients throughout the State of Vermont.  Our dedicated, experienced staff of certified professionals are the reason for our ongoing position as a leader in the water and wastewater services industry.  Mark was a Certified Environmental Trainer and instructed hundreds of operators, both onsite and in classroom settings.  Phyllis Simon worked alongside Mark since 1995 and continues to run the company since Mark’s untimely death.

What we do:

From 24 hour contract operation and maintenance services by our certified operators who live throughout Vermont, interim contract operations and management,  to systems administration (which can include billing and collection),  to other technical services such as storage tank inspections, pump station services, facility review, regulatory (permit) compliance assistance, and bidding/construction phase liason services.

SOS provides the critical assistance to clients as not just water and wastewater utility operators but as experienced consultants in all matters with State and Federal Environmental Agencies, engineering firms and contractors.